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Virginia Beach dolphins would like to welcome you and your family to an incredible vacation filled with sand, sun, salt and memories. On any given day, you can find them playing and swimming on our beautiful coast.

Often confused with fish, dolphins are mammals. They are considered one of the smartest animals that live in the ocean. They are very friendly and curious. Naturally, Virginia Beach dolphins are even smarter. They have a lifespan of twenty years and can grow to be up to ten feet long.

While you're on vacation, there are many ways to see dolphins. You can find them swimming off the shore, you can take boat excursions and tours or even try your hand at stand up paddleboarding. I must warn you. They are very, very fast.

So while you're vacationing here this summer, be sure to look for dolphins. Sighting one could bring you very good luck!

Seeing a dolphin while on your vacation here in Virginia Beach will definitely warm your heart and energize your soul. There's nothing quite like seeing them in their natural environment.