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Besides outdoor activities, Virginia Beach offers amazing indoor opportunities to learn and be amazed. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center features animals and opportunities to learn about sea life firsthand, including petting stingrays in an interactive tank. If animals are your thing, or your kids’ favorite, then you can also visit the Atlantic Waterfowl Heritage Museum and the acclaimed Virginia Living Museum on the Peninsula. For non-creature features, check out the Virginia Air and Space Museum, the Old Coast Guard Station Museum, Nauticus or the Tugboat Museum to recognize the area’s contributions to our nation’s industry. You can find many other museums to suit your taste, large and small, around the Virginia Beach area.

Virginia Beach Museum:  Old Coast Guard Station

Rest and relaxation are not the only things you can find at the beach. How about some history?

Virginia Beach Museums - Casemate

Virginia Beach is surrounded by many active military bases. Fort Monroe is an Army base 40 minutes from Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

There is much to do and see in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia. Those looking for some quality museum time may wish to check out the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum. The main exhibits are

Virginia Living Museum Gator

Have you ever wanted to know more about the natural heritage of Virginia? If you have The Virginia Living Museum is the place to go. You will learn about everything that surrounds you in Virginia

Join the conversation amidst an ever-changing display of the significant art of our time. MOCA works with over 1,500 artists annually to feature artwork from a spectrum of influences. Get hands-on

Virginia Air and Space Center

On Sunday we visited the Virginia Air and Space Center in Downtown Hampton. The Center is situated on the banks of the scenic Hampton River next to the marinas and piers.

To see firsthand the power of the US Navy, a short day trip to Norfolk is worthwhile. You can tour the USS Wisconsin (BB-64), a World War II Iowa Class Battleship for free. A complete tour takes

Norfolk Nauticus

Nauticus is an attraction located in Norfolk, Virginia, just a short distance away from Virginia Beach. Found on One Waterside Drive, Nauticus is conveniently located and very fun to see in

Virginia Aquarium - Virginia Beach

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is a short drive from the Virginia Beach oceanfront. It’s a perfect place to visit when the sun gets too much for you. The aquarium provides a

Virginia Beach Wallops Flight Facility

The Wallops Flight Facility is found near Virginia Beach, right around the eastern shore of the state. The facility is under the operation of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Its primary

Picture of Edgar Cayce.

Part of any great vacation is the ability to visit one of a kind destinations that you can remember and talk about for years to come. Luckily, Virginia Beach is packed with places like

The Chrysler Museum of Art

When visiting Virginia Beach, you will find that it is hard to do all of the things that you want, no matter how much time you have. No matter what your interests and hobbies, the town

Virginia Beach Naval Aviation Park

The Naval Aviation Monument in Virginia Beach is inside the Naval Aviation Monument Park. This monument was officially dedicated in 2006, by the Hampton Roads Squadron of the Naval Aviation

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