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Stay at a Virginia Beach Bed and Breakfasts: Elegant and Unique B&B's for a Romantic Virginia Beach Getaway

Consider staying at a Virginia Beach Bed and Breakfast for your next getaway! B&B's offer some advantages to staying in a Hotel or Resort. First and foremost, the breakfasts! Gourmet breakfasts are included in the price of your stay and start your day the right way. You may even be able to have a private breakfast served in your room. Ask your hosts! Usually, children under a certain age are not permitted which offers couples a chance for a quiet getaway. So get off the beaten path on your next vacation and stay uniquely at a Virgina Beach Bed and Breakfast.

Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Virginia Beach Bed and Breakfast

Looking to really relax in Virginia Beach? One of the premier Bed and Breakfast providers at the Beach is Barclay's Cottage. With five available suites, they have the relaxation and comfort you're looking for.

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