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Virginia Beach Kids Fun

Most people traveling on I-264 near exit 17 will notice a green volcano-like mountain rising around an urban sprawl that appears to stand alone and is buzzing with people.

There are quite a few arcades out there that boast the newest and most high tech games on the market, but only a few that still have the classics. Games like the original Pac Man, Galaga and Asteroids usually get pushed to the back and put to pasture, but at Flipper McCoys they advertise their pride of their collection of the great oldies.

Virginia Beach Games

There is a new and upcoming way of playing video games in town. Hi Score is an all inclusive all console gaming center. It is located in Chesapeake, just a few miles from downtown Virginia Beach. Hi Score features the XBox 360 Elite, XBox 360 Halo Edition, the Wii, PS3, and retro consoles dating back to the days of the Atari.

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