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Whale Watching in Virginia Beach
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Whale Watching in Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous weather and friendly residents. However, many people are unaware of the fact that you can go Virginia Beach whale and dolphin watching. Imagine observing dolphins playing and whales gliding effortlessly through the open waters of their natural habitat!

If you are interested in seeing whales, you will need to plan your Virginia Beach vacation for the winter months. December through March is the ideal months to see the enormous and beautiful beasts known as humpbacks, as these are the times that they are migrating through the area. Listen to their beautiful whale songs and watch them feed using their bubble nets. The ocean mammals known as fin whales are the second largest animals currently alive on earth, and they migrate through the area during the winter months as well. Whales certainly can be quite the breathtaking sight to behold in person! Virginia Beach whale and dolphin watching is sure to be the highlight of your trip.

If your vacation is planned for the warmer months (and many are so visitors can take advantage of the beaches) you can still see playful dolphins. Bottle nose dolphins can be seen in the Chesapeake Bay area, as well as other places in the Atlantic Ocean. They usually travel in groups of about 12, but have been spotted in groups sometimes as large as 100. The best months to spot dolphins are normally from June to early September. 

Virginia Beach whale and dolphin watching can be a great deal of fun for the whole family. To make your trip more enjoyable remember to dress warmly in winter. A waterproof jacket will be very important on your voyage. Dressing in layers might be a smart option as you can remove or add more clothing depending on the weather. Shoes with non-skid soles are also a good idea. Don’t forget your camera, and binoculars, as well as a pair of sunglasses for those extra sunny days. If you tend to get seasick, remember to take some Dramamine or other motion sickness pills before boarding.

Keep in mind that these are wild animals in their natural habits so discretion is required. Remember that there are no guarantees on seeing whales or dolphins on any given trip, though recent reports state there is about a 90% success rate in spotting them.

Why not make Virginia Beach whale and dolphin watching part of your next vacation?

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