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Captain George's Seafood

Virginia Beach Restaurants - Captain George's Seafood

We all have many choices of where to go when we want seafood, and each location offers something different, Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant offers great seafood in an upscale type environment.

My wife and I drive by Captain George’s everyday on our way to the beach, it is located on Laskin Rd right next to Regency Hilltop Shopping Center in Virginia Beach if you are familiar with the area. It is the large restaurant with the neon ship sign that reads its name along with the small ship designed into the front of the restaurant.

You can come here to enjoy their twenty eight dollar all you can eat buffet consisting of over seventy items, or you can have you meal prepared for you from fresh ingredients. Do not worry if you do not like seafood, they also serve items like prime ribs and steak.

As I said before my wife and I pass by every day, so we decided that we will eat here at least once. My wife is a fan of shrimps, she tried some sort of breaded shrimp with broccoli, she enjoyed it, and I had a steak with some mash potatoes that I enjoyed as well. The check was not bad, the quality of the food was great so we did not mind at all, and the service was top notch. The buffet offeres a large variety, so the price may seem like much but it is worth it.

If you are still searching for a great sea food restaurant you can check out Captain George’s seafood restaurant located at 1956 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA. They also have a website if you want to take a look at their menu before you make the trip over.

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