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Shopping in Virginia Beach From Retail to Consignment Shops

Looking for truly affordable shopping in Virginia Beach? We have it. From specialty shops to boutiques that are easy-on-the-budget, let our family of businesses aid you in finding the perfect gifts and supplies during your vacation here.

Virginia Beach Shopping at the Virginia Gift Shop

Virginia Beach shopping would not be complete without visiting the Virginia Gift Shop. They have everything you need and if you mention www.virginiabeach.com, you'll get 20% off any of your purchases. They have t-shirts, gifts, sourvenirs, food, supplies and VA Beach specific merchandise. Did you mention you'll get a 20% discount if you mention our website?

Bella Monte Gourmet International Marketplace and Cafe is your stop in Virginia Beach for specialty groceries and gifts. Bella Monte sells foreign goods that you can't find anywhere else in Virginia Beach. Here, you'll find Italian chocolates, amazing high quality olive oils, freshly baked bread, gourmet cheese, French soaps, home decor, kitchen supplies, and much more!

Beach Gold Assay - Trusted Local Virginia Beach Gold Buyer

Whether local to Virginia Beach or you are in town on vacation, Beach Gold Assay provides an easy, educational way to sell your gold, jewelry or other precious metals for the highest payouts. Located near TCC in Virginia Beach, Beach Gold Assay will look at your items one by one, and make a generous offer for them for payment on the spot. Beach Gold Assay is your trusted local gold buyer.

VA Beach bike and blade rental at Cherie's Bicycle and Blade Rental

So you are down on the beach. Your feet are tired, and you just can't walk anymore. Great news! You can rent a bike or some roller blades. Where? I'll tell you where, Cherie's Bicycle and Blade Rental has 15 locations scattered along the beach. The lowest rental prices at the beach! Full line of beach cruisers, mountain bikes and family bikes for rent and sale.

VA Beach shopping at Video Game Heaven

Hey Video Gamers! Looking for some old school fun? Do you have that old super nintendo but no games for it? What about the Atari, or Colecovision? Great news Virginia Beach, Video Game Heaven has just the retro gamer vibe you are looking for. Located on Lynnhaven Parkway they buy sell and trade old and new video games from Atari to Next Gen!

VA Beach cigars at Emerson's Cigars

Hey there Virginia Beach! Are you looking for a unique gift? For the holidays, birthday or a going away present? Something that will stand out? Emerson's Cigars has got you covered! Don't take my word for it though, here it is straight from the cigar smoker's mouth:If you are looking for a complete cigar shopping experience, look no further than Emerson’s Cigars.

Virginia Beach Shopping at Anthropologie

Upscale woman's fashion and home decor retailer announced they would be opening a store in Virginia Beach Town Center later this year. Anthropologie has a unique style, with airy and funky stores designed to complement the relaxed-yet-elegant bohemian clothing, accessories and home decor.

Virginia Beach Shopping at Apple Store

Have you seen the next big thing? Did you miss the pre-order and want the newest Iphone 6, or Iphone 6 plus on it's release date? Good news Virginia Beach! Apple is opening a brand new store in Lynnhave Mall on Friday September 19th, 2014 the release day of the new Iphone 6. This is only the second store in the area with the other being at MacArthur center.

Virginia Beach shopping at Sprout Children's Boutique

Do you need money for the clothes your child has outgrown? Do you need the latest trends at an affordable price for your toddler? Sprout Children's Boutique in the Hilltop section of Virginia Beach is your answer. They accept gently warn clothing size newborn to 14. Who is Sprout? From their webiste: Each little person has their own unique sense of style!

Virginia Beach Shopping at Birdland Music Compact Discs, Vinyl and Tape

Remember when all your music wasn't digital? Want some nostalgia in your music collection? There's a place for you, and it's right here in Virginia Beach. Birdland Music located on the corner of Kempsville Road and Providence Road in the Providence Square Shopping Center. Looking for a CD, Vinyl or even tape for your music? Birdland is the place for you.

Virginia Beach Shopping at Lulemon Athletica Yoga

Coming soon! For the yoga enthusiast. Lulemon Athletica will be opening an apparel store at Virginia Beach Town Center. Lululemon will be located on the corner of Main Street and Town Center Drive, across the street from Destination Maternity, on the opposite corner from Anthropologie. The grand opening is scheduled to occur in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The Creative Wedge in Virginia Beach is a unique market that sells handmade items that are straight from Virginia Beach, and its neighboring cities! Products sold at The Creative Wedge are all American made. Enjoy their artwork, handcrafts, and locally produced foods. Come to The Creative Wedge in VA Beach to buy gifts that are exclusively sold here. You can't find these products anywhere else!

The most complete and comprehensive collection of designer and high end mall brands in Virginia Beach. Literally, a fashion-forward concept.

If design and art is your thing, make sure you visit the Oceanfront's newest store, Chartreuse. This is definitely not your ordinary store as Chartreuse features items that you just can't find anywhere else, from world-class antiques, vintage furniture, the best in local art and so much more.

Virginia Beach Shopping - Oyster Point City Center

Newport News is a 40 minute drive from Virginia Beach. Minutes from I64, you will find Oyster Point City Center. Since its development began in 2004 the city center has become a platform for events, a meeting place and a shopping district for everyone to enjoy.

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