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Catch the Virginia Beach Wave | Virginia Beach Trolley Information

Last modified: June 11, 2021

To get around Virginia Beach, why not ride a wave? Well, more precisely, why not ride The Wave, the Virginia Beach Trolley?

Riding the trolley is an inexpensive and fun way to get around (or go to) the Boardwalk, the Virginia Aquarium, KOA Campground, Trav-L-Park Campground, the Ocean Breeze Waterpark, and even the Lynnhaven Mall and shopping outlets (must-see shopping at high-quality retailers).

How much does it cost?

At just $1 a ride for adults, the pricing can’t be beat. Well, we take that back: it can be beat. Just purchase an all-day pass for $2 for adults/$1 for youth, seniors, and the disabled.

Operating Months

The Wave runs May through October (although it can be rented for private parties during the other months).


Choose from three routes:

  • Route 32 Shoppers Express (starts at the bottom of the Boardwalk and heads up to Lynnhaven Mall).
  • Route 30 Atlantic Avenue (goes the length of the Boardwalk and back).
  • Route 31 Museum Express (starts at the bottom of the Boardwalk and goes to the aquarium and the campgrounds mentioned above).

For more information on The Wave, visit the Hampton Roads Transit website.

Follow this link to a map of The Wave’s routes. You also may call 757-222-6100.

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