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More content and start of social marketing...

More content and start of social marketing...

We've added more content recently and have noticed our Virginia Beach Attractions page is getting very highly ranked. We have also started a Facebook account for Virginia Beach. I was surprised to see it has ~100 people liking it already. Hopefully, we'll get that into the hundreds of thousands very soon (haven't been promoting it yet).

We have a lot more content to add (adding one feature article every couple of days). Also, be on the lookout for new ezine articles we are creating. These are going to be released to the public very soon and will be distributed to many of the leading news sites and blogs.

I'm also hoping to add a health section to our site. As many of you know, my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer at 27, six years ago. Breast cancer gets all the love. Our goal is to promote colon cancer. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. More on that later.

Goodnight everyone -- and thanks for such an amazing 2010. Our traffic this year was the best ever. We anticipate this trend to carry over into the future and we'll work hard for you and that goal.