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virginia beach weddings

Plan a Perfect Beach Wedding in Virginia Beach VA | Oceanfront Weddings in VA

They say "Virginia is for Lovers" and if you're like most people, you've probably been low-key planning your wedding for a while... No? Was that just me? Ok, well, anyway... A lot of elements go into planning your dream beach wedding, so if you didn't finalize your plans at 13, there are a few things you should probably be considering:


This is pretty self-explanatory... Obviously your wedding can be whatever you want it to be - traditional, simple, casual, eclectic, a personalized combination of all of the above, perhaps... More on this to follow.


Location, location, location. So, obviously, you're probably here because I said "Beach Wedding" and it set your little heart all a-flutter... But "Beach Wedding" can be translated into several different scenarios. Let's break this down...

Beach Wedding: On the sand!

Admittedly, this option might seem obvious... it's when you get married, on the beach. But still, a little bit of planning is involved here. You have options. You can have an intimate beach ceremony, where all you need is a couple, a marriage license, and an officiant (and as long as there are under 150 guests, you don’t need a permit or reservation! That being said, without a reservation your choice of spot isn't guaranteed and it's a good idea to find a backup spot, just in case). If you are looking for a little more structure for you and your guests, you can find more information about getting a PERMIT here.

Now you know how to plan the perfect beach wedding in Virginia Beach. Pretty easy, right?
If you're looking for even more information about beach weddings in VB, you can head over to our popular article that lists what to expect when getting ready for a beach wedding!
Published: July 31, 2017