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Virginia Beach Wineries and Wine Tasting

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Last modified: December 21, 2022

If you're looking for a great winery experience, you're in luck. There are plenty of wineries in this beach city! Virginia Beach wine tastings are enjoyable when you’re looking to sip, learn about, and experience wines in a new area.

When coming to VA Beach as a wine lover, you’re in luck because the tours available to you are highly rated. You’re sure to have a pleasant trip out to the vineyards of our beach city.

Virginia Beach Wine Tasting:

Taste Virginia Tours

Location: 425 West Plantation Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454

Website: Taste Virginia Tours

Town and Country Wine Tour - Taking you through VA Beach & Norfolk

Looking for more than just tasting wine? Taste Virginia Tours can provide not only tastings but the history behind the wine in your glass. You’ll be able to learn about the process in which the wines here are made. When touring with Taste Virginia Tours, you’ll come away with a slew of knowledge, like the most ideal food and wine pairing, styles of wine, and background of various wines. Taste Virginia Tours provides a large shuttle bus that will take you through a couple of Virginia Beach wineries as well as Norfolk wineries..

Virginia Beach Winery:

Pungo Ridge Winery

Location: 1665 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Website: Pungo Ridge Winery

This quaint winery in VB is family owned and operated, giving you a simple yet amazing tour. If you’re a fan of VA Beach and wine, you’ll want to make a stop at Pungo Ridge Winery. All of the wines produced here are made with only Pungo-grown fruits.

Flavors of Wine:

  • Plum
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Blueberry
  • Apple
  • Mint Honey
  • Blueberry Honey
  • Pumpkin
  • Tomato
  • and more

Pungo Ridge Winery will open in June 2017.

LUBO Wine Bar and Cafe

Location: 1658 Pleasure House Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Website: LUBO Wine Bar

LUBO Wine Bar and Cafe brings to you the best of the best of wines and gourmet foods. With over 150 different bottles of wine, you’re sure to find something you absolutely love. Taste, Relax, and Enjoy with friends at their Loft Tasting Room. Their Loft Tasting Room has a laid back atmosphere that can be used for various types of functions. Use their tasting room for an office party, private party, or business function.

Their food choices are also something to love. Choose dishes like Pasta, Cheese Boards, Homemade Chocolates, and other appetizers.

Mermaid Winery

Location: 330 W 22nd St, Norfolk, VA 23517

Website: Mermaid Winery

This is one of the area’s favorite wineries. Because honestly, mermaids plus wines? It can’t get much better than that. Mermaid Winery’s mystical atmosphere will have you feeling like a true siren.

The bottles of wines not only taste remarkable, they are also beautifully packaged with a golden mermaid emblem on the front.

The wines are properly named to fit the theme.

You’ll find names like:

  • Siren’s White Wine
  • My Beach Peach
  • Riverview Raspberry

As Norfolk’s first winery, we say this one is a must go to place while in Virginia Beach. Norfolk is not far from the beach. We estimate about a 30 minute drive (that is so worth it!)

VA Beach truly does love its variety of wines.

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