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When you choose VA Beach, you're not just making a healthy and safe choice for your ocean vacation, you're also making a fun one. There are so many fantastic things to do here, no matter the season. If you're like me, boredom can quickly arrive after too much relaxation. And if you have children, their boredom could easily become your aggravation.

That's why over six million visitors choose Virginia Beach to unwind, relax, and be entertained — every single year. There are many fun things to do here for singles, couples, and families. Below you'll find over 100 attractions available to enhance your vacation, many of them are free — all of them are fun!

We'd love to hear from you. Please comment on the ones you like, or dislike. We value your opinion. This page is continually being updated so check back before and during your vacation. We'll be adding money saving options for many of these during the 2018 summer season.


Pirate Parasail

Lift off with Pirate Parasail at the Oceanfront! This thrilling attraction in VA Beach allows you to fly the longest and highest of any parasailing company in the area. Fly up to 1000 feet above shore, if you dare.

virginia beach attraction virginia scenic flights

Virginia Scenic Flights

A beautiful tour from thousands of feet above ground can only be found at Virginia Scenic Flights. Take off with VSF for an unimaginable view of the Chesapeake and the surrounding areas.

Capt. Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures

Capt. Jack's Pirate Ship is a favorite Virginia Beach thing to do that can please any vacationer. From family friendly cruises to partying like a true pirate with the 21+ and up cruise, it's sure to be a fun and unique experience.

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Full of sun, waves, and sand, coming to the Oceanfront is undoubtedly a favorite thing to do in Virginia Beach. Known for its record-breaking length (3 miles long), this beach can definitely handle the crowd.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

This VA Beach attraction allows you to skydive inside! Experience this thrilling, one-of-a-kind adventure on your next vacation with the whole family!

Jody's Popcorn

Jody's Popcorn is all about the taste! You'll be amazed at the various delicious flavors of this special popcorn in Virginia Beach!

AquaMan Fishing

Fishing is a favorite Virginia Beach thing to do while on vacation or as a resident. Fishing with AquaMan Fishing Charters will leave you and your family with awesome memories of reeling in fish from the Atlantic.

Virginia Beach Patriotic Festival

CANCELLED - COVID-19. If you happen to be coming to Virginia Beach when the Patriotic Music Festival is happening, you'll want to stop by and enjoy all of the live music and festivities.

Fair Trade Festival

Fair Trade Festival celebrates fair wage and fair labor standards with this fest that is full of music, dancing, shopping, and the peace of knowing you're buying great products. This is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping.

Virginia Beer Festival

Virginia Beer Festival brings international premium beers, domestic brews, and craft beer specialties to Norfolk's waterside. Sample drinks, eat amazing food, and enjoy live entertainment.

Jungle Golf

Jungle Golf provides a myriad of activities for children and parents to do. Of course there is mini-golf, and there is also an arcade area full of fun games to play to take a break from the outdoors!

Oceana Air Show

Thrilling aerial performances at the Oceana Air Show will have you on the edge of your seat! This family-friendly VA Beach festival will leave you with memories you'll never forget.

virginia beach attraction neptune's park

Neptune's Park

In front of the King Neptune Statue is where you'll find Neptune's Park. This park on 31st Street holds various events and festivals, including the extremely popular Neptune Festival!

King Neptune Virginia Beach

King Neptune at Neptune's Park

This 34 ft statue towers over onlookers at the boardwalk. The mighty King Neptune Statue is one of the most popular statues in the city.

Chrysler Museum of Art

Famously breathtaking works of art is what you'll see at the Chrysler Museum on Art. Some of the beautiful paintings are by famous painters like Georgia O'Keefe, Edgar Degas, Henri-Edmond Cross and more.

Atlantic Coast Kite Festival

This family-friendly favorite Virginia Beach festival brings kite enthusiasts to the oceanfront for a day full of flying.

Chalk the Walk ARTsplosion

Family friendly Virginia Beach festival invites all Boardwalk walkers to view gorgeous and unexpected works of art to view right under their feet!

Halloween Bootacular Fair

Halloween doesn't have to be super scary, and with a family, you don't want it to be! This Virginia Beach festival, the Bootacular Fair, is perfect for a family-friendly atmosphere while still enjoying the theme of Halloween.

Pinboys Bowling

Pinboys is a great choice when looking for a fun activity that doesn't include sun and sand. Bowling here is affordable, well kept, and offers more than just bowling. Join in on more fun with their arcade games and playing a gam of pool.

Golf Choices

With over six favorite Virginia Beach golf courses, you'll be sure to find one you'll love for life. Check out the area favorites with our list of top golf courses for a scenic, peaceful, and high quality experience.

Wallops Flight Facility

Under operation of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the Wallops Flight Facility is open to the public to see how aircrafts work. This is a great opportunity to get some learning while on vacation in a way that is family-friendly and super fun!

Mystery Dinner Playhouse

The Mystery Dinner Playhouse is a fully interactive murder/mystery including live, professional actors. Immerse yourself in a real-live crime drama as it unfolds right before your eyes. Come since why this has been so popular since 1994.

Nightmare House on Atlantic Avenue

Get your blood pumping and heart racing with scares from the famous Virginia Beach attraction, Nightmare House on Atlantic Ave. This popular haunted house has been making VA Beach scream for decades.

Sand Soccer Tournament

North American Sand Soccer has been a huge attraction in Virginia Beach. This sporting festival draws in thousands of soccer players and fans to watch local teams as well as international teams play!

Kayak Nature Tours

Kayak Nature Tours allows you to peacefully experience the natural beauty of Blackwater River, Knotts Island, Dismal Swamp Northwest River, and more.

Edgar Cayce Society

Edgar Cayce Society (also known as the Association for Research and Enlightenment) offers a meditation room, lectures, and activities to help teach about dreams, meditation, health, and intuition.

Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts invites everyone to enjoy a performance during their time in the beautiful and vibrant city of Virginia Beach. This venue hosts nationally recognized talents as well as local talents.

Latin Fest

Latin Fest at the 24th Street Stage will have tons of entertainment with all things Latin. A summer weekend full of Salsa Dancing, Latin Music, and authentic food!

Adam Keeling House

This Tidewater British Colonial style house is the second oldest home that is still standing. The Keeling House was built in the late 1680s, and with great craftsmanship, as it is still in amazing condition.

Adam Thoroughgood House

The Adam Thoroughgood House is quite possibly the oldest colonial home in the area that is still standing. This home was built in the 1680's. Take a tour of this historical site to see how people in the 1600s built homes and lived.

Virginia Air and Space Center

The Virginia Air and Space Center is one of the most places for families who have a fascination with places and spacecraft. And let's be honest, what family doesn't have at least one member who does! This is fun for the whole family.

Virginia Arts Festival

Virginia Arts Festival provides much entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Every branch of artistic talent can be seen at this festival. Whether it's music, dance, or art, you'll see it all here.

Free Activities at the Winter Wildlife Festival

Winter Wildlife Festival hosted by the Virginia Parks and Recreation provides a wealth of knowledge to those who are looking to learn more about our area and its animals who call it home. Many exhibits will be here.

Caribbean Music Festival

The PAN Caribbean Music Fest is great for people of all ages. Have the ultimate Virginia Beach vacation while feeling like you're in the tropics with the music of the islands.


Learn all about the Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA. This museum makes learning fun with their High Definition movies, Horseshoe Crab Cove (area to touch exotic sea life), and more exciting exhibits that are family-friendly!

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Walk through this museum to find the weirdest of the weird of bizarre occurrences that are documented. From two-headed cows to strange human oddities, Ripley's Believe It or Not has it all!

Beach Playground at 31st Street

The Beach Playground at 31st Street is convenient for families to take advantage of while on a trip to the beach. This playground is free to use and designed for children ages 2-12 to play.

Pungo Strawberry Festival

2023 CANCELLED. This festival is a favorite for their array of strawberry items, as well as their petting farm, carnival rides, face painting, pig races, arts and crafts vendors, parade, and so much more.

Virginia Beach Rock Gym

Whether you're an experienced climber, first timer, you're invited to climb at this awesome Virginia Beach attraction. Don't worry if you've never climbed before, there are helpful instructors that will show you how to rock it in no time!

Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo, located in Norfolk, welcomes families to enjoy their vast array of animals. See a huge portion of the animal kingdom in one place! You'll see lions, elephants, meerkats, giraffes, zebras, pigs, lion, and many more.

Virginia Wine Festival

The Annual AT&T Town Point Virginia Wine Festival features over 200 Virginia wines as well as a large selection of scrumptious foods like Crab Cakes, Turkey & Harvard with Quince Butter on French Baguette, and much more will compliment your gla

Virginia Beach Restaurant Week

Virginia Beach Restaurant week allows you to taste the distinctive flavors of our beach while keeping to the budget! Why not eat out every day of the week during Restaurant Week?

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

See marine life up close and personal at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Center. Go through a tunnel like aquarium where you'll see fish, sharks, and turtles swimming right above your head!

JT's Grommet Island Park

As one of the nation's only 100% handicap accessible beach playgrounds, Grommet Island Park is one of the firsts in the country to deliver the fun to EVERYBODY! Located at 2nd Street, this perfect playground is truly one of a kind.

First Landing State Park

With 19 miles of beautiful trails, First Landing State Park is great for families who love outdoor activities. Have a picnic, go boating, pitch your tent, go swimming, or cast your fishing line at this gorgeous scenic place to be in VB.

Whale tail off the coast of VA Beach

Whale Watching in Virginia Beach

If whale watching is something you'd like to experience while in VB, there is a certain time you should visit! Did you know whales prefer to swim around the east coast with during a particular time of year?

Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival

Refreshing festival for craft beer fanatics. If you're looking for a new go-to drink or just looking to sample beers you've never had before, this VA Beach festival is one to join!

Francis Land House

Just a short drive from the beach is where the Francis Land House will be found. Still standing, over 200 years of being built, you're invited to view the lifestyle of the 19th century in VA Beach.

Cherie's Bicycle and Blade Rentals

Cherie's Bicycle and Blades offer boardwalk goers with faster ways of cruising the area! Choose beach cruisers, mountain bikes, in-line skates, and more that you can rent by the hour.

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art offers residents and tourists of Virginia Beach the opportunity to view fantastic talent by artists and embraces uniqueness. Visit MOCA to experience their award-winning facility.

Great Dismal Swamp

If you love nature, then visiting a portion of the Great Dismal Swamp should be at the top of your list of things to do. In one hour, you could be surrounded by over 200 types of birds, many mammals, reptiles and butterflies.

Hunt Club Farm

As the area's only petting farm, Hunt Club Farm is a popular attraction for families and couples who are looking to have a little fun with some animals. Pet and love on some farm animals on your vacation for a unique outing for lasting memories!

Rudee Tours

Fishing, relaxing sunset cruise, exploring Virginia's Marshlands, and whale and dolphin watching are all things to do in Virginia Beach that are offered by Rudee Tours. Find Rudee Tours located in Rudee Inlet!

Ferry Plantation House

Ferry Plantation House is most famous for it's haunting factor. The legend is that the plantation owners confirm spooky encounters. The "Witch of Pungo" is said to make appearances from time to time.

Virginia Beach attraction SPCA

Virginia Beach SPCA

By chance are you looking to adopt an animal, perhaps on your drive back home? The Virginia Beach SPCA is in search of loving parents for your next fur baby.

The Casemate Museum

Fort Monroe is the largest stone-built fort used to protect the USA from attacks. The Casemate Museum is located on Fort Monroe and has many historical artifacts on display.

National Golf Court & First Tee Program

This is where the professionals play and the future professionals! This National Golf Course in VA Beach is a Par 72 course and gives players a real challenge.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, just 15 miles south of VA Beach, offers amazing natural scenery and a chance to take in sights of native Virginia animals. Find American Black Ducks, Swans, Loggerhead Sea Turtles, and more.

Old Coast Guard Station Museum

The Old Coast Guard Station Museum is packed with history. You can read through old documents or have a tour of the upper and lower gallery of this free museum.

Mount Trashmore

The name of this truly park honestly does not give this place justice!

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse once acted as a guide for boats to follow, but now is a Virginia Beach landmark for residents and tourists to use for a birds eye view of the Chesapeake Bay.

Town Point Park

If you're the exploring type, jump in your car and head over to Town Point Park in Norfolk, the neighboring city to Virginia Beach. Norfolk has just revitalized the area and it opens May 4, 2017.

FunkFest Festival

For years, FunkFest has been a favorite thing to do in Virginia Beach for those who love Jazz, R&B, and Soul music. Come celebrate this style of music with dancing, concessions, and live entertainment from nationally recognized bands.

Oktober Brewfest

The Oktober Brewfest will feature a large selection of beers. But, there's more! Delicious German foods will be available as well as a cute and hilarious Dachshund Beauty Pageant.

Waterman Sportfishing

Enjoy year-round fishing on a 57 foot boat off the shore of VB. This Virginia Beach fishing charter can fit up to 6 people per excursion, so invite your friends and family for a day on the water.

Small canoe for outdoor water sports

Wild River Outfitters

Tour the beauty of Virginia Beach with Wild Rivers Outfitters! They offer numerous tours through the natural bays and rivers of VA Beach as well as offer water crafts to enjoy the waters on your own.

USS Wisconsin

You can tour this World War II Battleship for free! A complete tour of this ship, located in Norfolk, VA, takes approximately an hour or a little less than.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk Botanical Garden may very well be the most beautiful garden you've ever seen. Take a trip to Norfolk, VA to bask in the glory of breathtaking plants, pretty flowers, and the natural wildlife that calls this garden home.

Lynnhaven House

This famously historical house in VA Beach is one not to miss if you love learning about the way people lived hundreds of years ago.

American Indoor Karting

American Indoor Karting is a great way to spend time on your vacation because it is family friendly, cost effective, and extremely awesome. Embrace your inner racer at this VA Beach attraction. Vroom vroom!

Monsters on the Beach

Monsters on the Beach

Loud, fast, and exciting Virginia Beach festival that will have your whole family in awe. This is a weekend-long spectacle for truck enthusiasts to love. All events will take place Rain or Shine.

Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum allows you to see over a hundred species of animals in one place! Find raccoons, foxes, wolves, alligators, birds, turtles, fish, seahorses, and more.

Cruisin' Virginia Beach Car Show

Cruisin' Virginia Beach Car Show invites you to see beautiful classic cars. Be sure to stay for the Competitive Burnout event!

Stars and Stripes Explosion

The Stars and Stripes Explosion is a great free way to spend your night on Independence Day. Live music will play before the amazing firework display.

Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant

Funny Bone Comedy Club features local acts and as well as famous comedians that will both make you laugh your face off. Some acts are, well... crude, so most shows are 21 and up. This VA Beach Comedy Club doesn't leave you hungry!

legends walk va beach entrance

Legends Walk

The Virginia Legends Walk is all about great and famous Virginians who made an incredible impact on our country. Celebrities, presidents, musicians, and explorers are honored here.

Virginia Beach Neptune Festival

The Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach is one of the largest festivals in town. It includes the North American Sand Sculpting Championship, Surf Class, the Atlantic Regatta, and Neptune's 5k Run, a Wine Festival, and more.

Colonial Williamsburg

Taking a day or two to spend in the beautiful Colonial Williamsburg is recommended with its expansive list of things to do and attractions to see.

Hampton Roads International Auto Show

Hampton Roads International Auto Show brings all the beautiful vehicles to Virginia Beach for car lovers to enjoy. Be amazed with vintage cars and see the newest editions of cars in the same arena!

Jamestown Settlement

The Jamestown Settlement is arguably the most meaningful part of history for the United States of America. Come to Jamestown to see where the first colonies were built over 400 years ago.

Virginia Beach attraction Flipper McCoys

Flipper McCoys

What trip to the beach wouldn't be complete without visiting the local arcade? Stop by Flipper McCoys for all the latest fun and entertaining video games. For old schoolers, drop some quarters in PacMan and many other vintage arcade games.

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Rock and Roll Half Marathon and 5k will take you along the beautiful Virginia Beach Oceanfront and Boardwalk while passing by live music entertainment. There's a huge party at the finish line!

King of The Ring

Local fighters bring their A game to win the King of The Ring tournaments. This set of fights is held at Hampton University's Convention Center. If you like watching professional fighters do their thing, this is for you.

Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

The historic building of the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, the historic de Witt Cottage, was build in 1895 by the town's first Mayor.

Lynnhaven Dive Center

If you've been wanting to learn how to scuba dive, check out the Lynnhaven Dive Center. You can take their free introduction course to see if it's right for you, and then decide on taking their full course!

Motor World

Motor World features 7 Race Tracks with 250 different Go-Karts. When you get your fill of racing, you and your family can join in on more fun with Bumper Boats, Mini-Golf, Paintball, and more.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark

This Virginia Beach waterpark offers over 15 different rides and slides that are fun for children of all ages. Find a list and description of all of the rides at Ocean Breeze here!

Virginia Beach Oceanfront Fishing Pier

Hanging out at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is thing to do for all types of vacationers. You can either join in on the fun by fishing or you can just sit back and watch the waves roll into shore with a different point of view.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA is a little more than half an hour away, but is a guaranteed amazing time! Go ahead and take the trip. You will love their smooth coasters, clean atmosphere, and delicious foods and beers!

Virginia Beach Parasailing and Jet Skiing

Jet Skis and Parasailing offered at Rudee Inlet is not hard to find. You'll see this business when you turn into Rudee Inlet. Give them a try for renting a watercraft of taking flight with their parasailing adventures!

Hells Point Golf Club

Hells Point Golf Club is a prestigious community that prides themselves on their vibrant greens, challenging courses, and over 60 sand traps. The fee for playing includes renting your own golf cart for the day.

Coastal Virginia Wine Fest

Learn about, sample, and fall in love with new wines! The Coastal Virginia Wine Fest draws in all wine lovers to this favorite event. Vendors at this fest include local wineries, gourmet foods, and arts and crafts.

Virginia Beach attraction Naval Aviation Monument

Naval Aviation Monument

The Naval Aviation Monument, located at the Oceanfront at 25th Street, is to support Naval Aviation and inform the public about this important (and sometimes under recognized) service.

Historic St. Lukes Church

The quaint Historic St. Luke's Church still stands after almost 350 years after being built. Visit this piece of history in Smithfield, VA for a tour of the oldest English-built church in America.

Cinema Cafe

If you're looking for a movie during your oceanfront vacation in Virginia Beach, check-out Cinema Cafe. It's a wonderful place for a meal and a movie. Whether you're single, a couple, or an entire family, this is an excellent place to visit.

VA Beach surf lessons

VB Surf Sessions

VB Surf Sessions has been helping newbie surfers learn the art of surfing for years. Whether you have a child who wants to learn your middle aged self... it's never too late to learn!

Arena Racing USA

The Arena Racing USA tournament requires a skilled driver to navigate and speed through the tight track inside the Hampton Coliseum. There will be spin outs, bumper to bumper collisions, and perhaps some pile-ups.

False Cape State Park

Looking for some of the best hiking? False Cape State Park offers five trails. Bring your boots or your bikes. Enjoy many different scenic views on the same trip, including beaches, marshes, swamps, sand dunes, towering trees, and Back Bay.

Blues at the Beach

Septembers in VA Beach are relaxing, and it just got more relaxing with Blues at the Beach. Sit back and enjoy this free festival that will be held at the 17th Street Park. From local bands to big name bands, you'll hear it all in one place.

girl using stand up paddleboard va beach

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding is a relatively new aquatic experience. Imagine balancing yourself on a wide surfboard and having an oar for stability and movement. With a tiny amount of practice, you can easily paddleboard in Virginia Beach.

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