Billfish Tournament

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Last updated: April 12, 2017

The Billfish Tournament has been a tradition in Virginia Beach for quite some time. In 2009, 89 boats entered the contest and a grand prize of $123,000 was given away to contest winners. The latest 2010 tournament took place from the days of August 18-August 21. Along with the fishing contests, good food and refreshments were shared with the crowds.

Bill Fish Tournament 2017 Dates:

August 23- 26, 2017

2011 Final Standings
Wow. You would be hard pressed to find a bunch of guys tougher than the fishermen and women of the mid-Atlantic. Despite a Cat 2 hurricane bearing down, 45 teams signed up and released 175 billfish! What were the results from the latest Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament 2011?

Waterman - 910 points
Bi-Op-Sea - 700 points (on time)
Hunter - 700 points
Bench Mark - 630 points (on time)
Big Oh - 630 points

TOP DOLPHIN Sniper - 32.6 lbs.
TOP TUNA Reel Hot - 16.7 lbs.
TOP WAHOO Canyon Express - 27.8 lbs.
TOP ANGLER Jose Acostamadiedo / Hunter - 420 points (on time)
TOP LADY ANGLER Heather Brennan / Smoker - 280 points

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