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Virginia Beach History

This is an area full of history – the Historic Triangle is about an hour away, and that’s where the first ships from England landed in “The New World.”

Head up to the Peninsula for a day or two to explore Jamestown Settlement, and internationally famous Colonial Williamsburg. But there’s also plenty of local history right here at the Beach – visit the homes of Adam Keeling and Francis Land. Take a Legends Walk and explore the local history firsthand with famous people—it’s a unique opportunity even for history buffs who think they’ve seen it all. Admire historic St. Luke’s Church, the oldest English-built church in America. You’ll be amazed at how much the area has to offer, old and new!

Ferry Plantation House

The Ferry Plantation House may be as haunted as it is historic. The local rumor is that the "Witch of Pungo" likes to make an appearance every now and then since this is where they killed her since she was convicted of witchcraft. This property is opened Halloween evening for daring visitors to see if they can find her.

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Colonial Williamsburg

Just a short drive away, Colonial Williamsburg is one of the nation's most historical landmarks. Colonial Williamsburg is home to the world's largest living history museum. With only an hour and a half drive out from VA Beach, we recommend a day (or more) trip to this beautiful piece of our history.

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Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

On the base of Fort Story is where you'll find the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse. With a small fee, you can climb your way to the top and enjoy the tip top of the lighthouse for the very best view of the Chesapeake Bay.

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