Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

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Walking the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is the #1 attraction and thing to do on your next VA Beach vacation. Tens of thousands of locals and vacationers visit the boardwalk every single day during the spring, summer, and falls months. There is something exciting happening on the boardwalk at anytime, no matter your age.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk Hotels and Restaurants

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is lined with hotels and restaurants, making it the most popular destination for many vacationers looking to be in the very heart of the city's soul. Many restaurants also line the boardwalk, giving you many breakfast, lunch, and oceanfront dining options. The boardwalk is built overlooking the beautiful Atlantic ocean, and the scenic views from many of the area hotels and restaurant patios are simply breathtaking. In addition to a large walking path, there is also a bike path for people on bikes, trikes and skates. Handicap ramps are placed at every block and lead down to the sandy shores of the Atlantic ocean.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk Museums and Historic Sites

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk offers more than just hotels and restaurants. Here, visitors can find a wide array of museums and historic sites. There are numerous monuments and sculptures to stop and enjoy as you stroll along the boardwalk, and there are even a number of live entertainment stages that host great acts throughout the busy season. For those looking to enjoy quality fishing, there is also a great fishing pier located just off the boardwalk. Many people find this is one of the favorite things to do in Virginia Beach, just walking to enjoy the ocean breeze and sight-see.

Boardwalk Attractions

Families will certainly enjoy the many things to do on the boardwalk, and kids will love the many amusement options on offer. Whether you are looking for a ride on a Ferris wheel or other attraction or perhaps some time in a video arcade, you can find what you are looking for without ever needing to leave the boardwalk. The Virginia Legends Walk is located along the boardwalk, and offers information about some of the state’s most famous citizens, including Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Boardwalk Events

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is designed to ensure that visitors never have a dull moment. Beach Street USA is a unique event that takes place from June until Labor Day and offers a Mardi Gras style atmosphere. From jugglers and magicians to puppets and live concerts, there is always something exciting happening on the boardwalk. Virginia Beach is a destination that has to be experienced to be believed, and trip to the boardwalk is certainly one of those things that is required to make any trip to the area complete. When coming to VA Beach, the Boardwalk is definitely one of the hottest attractions. We know so because you can't come to the beach without crossing the Boardwalk!

During the summer season of 2016, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk was named 5th Best Boardwalk in the USA ! Click the link to find out more about that article. Our Boardwalk is one of the greatest in the country. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The boardwalk is also know as the Virginia Beach Strip.

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