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Virginia Beach Dog Parks

Kids love an afternoon in the park. So do adults. Moms and dads and grandparents love it. So do teens and retirees. And dogs? Love isn't quite the word that describes the how much a dog enjoys an afternoon at a park. It's not big enough a word. How about adore? Or worship? Or exalt in? When you head to Virginia Beach with your family, don't forget your dog - and don't forget to take him or her to one of our several dogs and pet-friendly parks.

There are three dogs parks that are located in Virginia Beach. Woodstock Dog Park, Red Wing Dog Park, and Bayville Farms Park. There is a $15 annual fee to bring your pets to romp around these three Virginia Beach Dog Parks. There is an office at each of the dog parks where you can register your pet if you have not done so already. Also, if you are new to the park, be prepared to show proof of up-to-date vaccinations and shots.

Woodstock Dog Park
The Woodstock Virginia Beach Dog Park is a one-acre plot of land that is dedicated to allowing our furry friends to burn off energy and socialize with other animals. If you’re coming in the summer, this park is great because a portion of the play area is shaded. Beautiful park with nice walking trails for you and your dog to appreciate.

Red Wing Dog Park
Great place to bring your pet as a short getaway in Virginia Beach. Your pet will be pleased with Red Wing’s ample acreage of play area, and you will be pleased with its gorgeous garden to enjoy. At this Virginia Beach dog park, you’ll find playgrounds, short walking trails, picnic tables, and public restrooms.

Bayville Farms Park
All dogs love this dog park. From small dogs to large dogs, you will find all of them here! Not only dogs enjoy this park, but children do as well. There is a ton of open space which is perfect for a game of fetch. There is a fun playground located in Bayville Farms Park which attracts a ton of children who love to play.

All three of these delightful Virginia Beach parks are amazing for our fur babies and ourselves. Make sure to click the links below to find where each of the parks are located and hours of operation of each of the three parks.