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Last updated: July 30, 2021

If you are worried that you might not find anything Kosher while you are in Virginia Beach then don't. The Jewish Mother has you covered.

The first time I heard about this place was when someone had asked me if I knew the directions to the restaurant, unfortunately at the time I did not even know what the place was, but the name had peaked my interest, so I set out to find out more about it, and I was not disappointed when I managed to visit the restaurant as well.

When I went to visit the first thing that caught my eye was their choice for exterior decoration, which is cool graffiti and abstract artwork on the windows. The next was the comfortable and relaxed interior layout, something you have to experience for yourself, it was not the fanciest place I have been to, but definitely fun.

Located at 31st and Pacific Ave, right there on the beachfront, this place is definitely easy to get to. Other than its location, I found out about its interesting history which was littered with conflict between the restaurant and government law enforcement over alleged criminal activities that the restaurant was raided for in the nineties, but revealed no wrongdoing on the restaurant end. You can find out more on this at their website.

They serve various Jewish deli dishes with Mothers themed name like the “Mother's Brother Bernie”, and the “Mothers Sailor friend”. The menu has plenty to offer, covering breakfast with their breakfast menu, a anytime menu, soups and noshes menu, delicatessen sandwiches (which on their menu is a long list of burgers and other meaty dishes), and of course we cannot forget the deserts. They also have a host of live bands that play.

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