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Last updated: February 18, 2017

One of the most popular Mexican Restaurants in Virginia Beach is Plaza Azteca. When you're looking for Mexican food, this is usually the first place everyone thinks about... If you're a Hampton Roads local, you know what we mean!

Every single location offers quick service, incredibly tasty, authentic Mexican food and great prices. Complimentary chips and salsa are always ready for you, usually within the first minute of being seated.

If you're there for lunch, consider their "Speedy Gonzalez" lunch. This is one of my "lite" favorites consisting of a beef taco, beef enchilada and your choice of rice or beans for just $4.99.

If you're looking for a more "filling" mean, consider their Burrito San Jose. This is a fantastic 10" burrito filled with grilled chicken, chorizo, rice, beans and pico de gallo, covered in blissful cheese. If you walk out with even a hint of hunger left in you, we would absolutely be surprised.

Bring your hunger, bring the family. Here are their locations:

1824 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach, VA

5209 Providence Road
Virginia Beach, VA

4501 Haygood Road
Virginia Beach, VA

4292 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, VA

1249 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, VA

50 Town Center Way
Hampton, VA

2416 Dock Landing Road
Chesapeake, VA

12428 Warwick Blvd,
Newport News, VA

12755 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA

12099 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA

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