Tautog's Restaurant

205 23rd Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Tautog's Restaurant

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Last updated: June 14, 2017

Tautog's is more than an outstanding seafood restaurant, it's considered one of the top 20 things to do during your Virginia Beach oceanfront vacation.  They are a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Why is Tautog's so popular?

In a word, ambiance.  Tautog's Restaurant is a preserved 1920's beach cottage right on the Atlantic ocean.  While dining, you'll get to hear the power of the surf crashing upon the shore and the seagulls and birds singing their tunes as they explore the air and sand.  The clearn smell of crisp and salty ocean air will coarse through your lungs with every breath.  And you'll dine upon VA Beach's best and freshest seafood, satisfying even the pickiest of pallates.  Dress casually as Tautog's is all about relaxation.


Tautog's opens daily at 5PM.  Sunday through Wednesday, they are ope to 10PM with a late night menu until 11PM.  Thursday through Saturday, they serve dinner until 11PM and then offer a late night dinner menu.


Tautog's full menu can be found here.

Live music

Live music is available on Thursday night.  Click here for their upcoming Virginia Beach bands schedule.


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