The Raven Restaurant

The Raven has been a Virginia Beach landmark since 1968. It is located on Atlantic Avenue at 12th Street. You can enjoy their American/Seafood meals in their dining room or take advantage of their outside seating area.

Tines Restaurant

Are you trying to find the Tines Restaurant in Virginia Beach?  You're not the only one!  They are secretly located inside the Crowne Plaza hotel.  Crowne Plaza isn't located near the oceanfront.

The Leaping Lizard Cafe

Looking for a freshly cooked meal while on your Virginia Beach vacation? Leaping Lizard Cafe is an excellent choice. All of their fruits and vegetables are sourced from local Virginia farms and their seafood is fresh out of the Atlantic ocean.

Beach Bully BBQ

Beach Bully BBQ has a question for you.  Are you tired of seafood yet?  When people vacation in Virginia Beach, many come for the sand, surf, sun, and seafood.

Pocahontas Pancake House

Originally opened in 1974, the Pocahontas Pancake House and Waffle Shop was purchased by the Zervoudakis family in 1986.  Ever since, the Z's have turned their breakfast diner into the very best pancake restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Keagan's Irish Pub and Restaurant

Keagan's Irish Pub & Restaurant Virginia Beach is located in Town Center.  They've been serving our local community for the past 12 years.

Log Cabin Pancake House

The Log Cabin Pancake House in Virginia Beach, VA is the oldest pancake house in the entire city.  They opened their doors in 1969.  To succeed as a restaurant for that long tells you this is a local and vacationers favorite spot for yummy food.

Eurasia Cafe and Wine

Eurasia Cafe and Wine is located in beautiful VA Beach. Their menu features fresh fruits and veggies from local, independent farms right here in Virginia. They have an incredible wine selection and many microbrews.

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