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Sandbridge - The best kept secret beach in Virginia Beach

Last edited: April 20, 2017

We've got a secret for you! Can you keep it? When many people think of Virginia Beach, they see a beautiful boardwalk, soft sand, the gentle waves of the Atlantic, and high-rise hotels towering above the shoreline. This is where the majority of visitors stay during their vacation. Due to our popularity as a beach destination, "the resort city" gets a bit crowded during the summer.

Best secret beach near Virginia Beach

If you’re looking for more privacy... if you’re looking for a family-friendlier beach... if you’re looking for a pristine beach that’s just minutes from the Virginia Beach resorts, there's a completely type of beach just south waiting for you. While sporting the same soft sand, sun, and fun, it lacks the hotels and crowds associated with the resort town.

It's such a secret, many of the locals in Hampton Roads don't even know about it. Welcome to Sandbridge.

Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge is affectionately known as "The Outer Banks of Virginia." If you've ever been to Nags Head, NC, then you know exactly what we're talking about. This area is mostly comprised of beach homes and various shopping and restaurants sprinkled around. It's an incredible way to relax during your vacation. The town is very laid back and features mostly beach cottages available for weekly rentals.

Here are some of the differences:

  • No crowds.
  • No traffic.
  • No jet noise.
  • No oceanfront hotels.
  • Less shopping.

How far away is Sandbridge from Virginia Beach?

Sandbridge is only about twenty minutes south of VA Beach. It's only about ten of your favorite songs away. If you value privacy and relaxation above shopping and meeting new people, Sandbridge is the right choice for you.

Here are some Sandbridge and Virginia Beach home rental options for your visit.

601 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(877) 422-2200
581 Sandbridge Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456