Did you know in nearby Norfolk, they have the home of the first Waffle Cone Machine?

Fair Trade Festival

Fair Trade Festival celebrates fair wage and fair labor standards with this fest that is full of music, dancing, shopping, and the peace of knowing you're buying great products. This is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping.


Learn all about the Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA. This museum makes learning fun with their High Definition movies, Horseshoe Crab Cove (area to touch exotic sea life), and more exciting exhibits that are family-friendly!

Chrysler Museum of Art

Famously breathtaking works of art is what you'll see at the Chrysler Museum on Art. Some of the beautiful paintings are by famous painters like Georgia O'Keefe, Edgar Degas, Henri-Edmond Cross and more.

USS Wisconsin

You can tour this World War II Battleship for free! A complete tour of this ship, located in Norfolk, VA, takes approximately an hour or a little less than.

Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo, located in Norfolk, welcomes families to enjoy their vast array of animals. See a huge portion of the animal kingdom in one place! You'll see lions, elephants, meerkats, giraffes, zebras, pigs, lion, and many more.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk Botanical Garden may very well be the most beautiful garden you've ever seen. Take a trip to Norfolk, VA to bask in the glory of breathtaking plants, pretty flowers, and the natural wildlife that calls this garden home.

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