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Virginia Beach News

Looking for the latest news on things happening in Virginia Beach? Be sure to check out our calendar for an up-to-the-minute list of events and continue to visit here for our local news stories and blogs posted.
Virginia Beach Boardwalk
By rachel
08 Jun 2016

Virginia Beach is racking up awesome achievements lately. This time, the award goes to the Virginia Beach...

prevent sunburn in virginia beach
By rachel
04 Jun 2016

Sunburn prevention is one of the top things to pay attention to during a beach vacation! Sunburns can put a real damper on the fun at the beach. These 4 simple steps will go a long way to preserve...

Student in VA Beach
By rachel
31 May 2016

Virginia Beach public schools sure are plentiful. There are more than 80 elementary, middle, and high schools combined in the city of Virginia Beach! The best thing about them is that they are...

By rachel
27 May 2016

We’re here to help you separate the beach essentials from the fluff. Have you ever been to Virginia Beach, and wish you had packed different things for the day? If you read this article before a...

Licensed from Shutterstock.  Adrian Grenier coming to Norfolk
By rachel
24 May 2016

If you're coming to Virginia Beach this summer, you may just find yourself meeting or catching a glimpse of one of today's biggest movie stars. The incredibly famous and talented Adrian Grenier...

King Neptune Statue in Virginia Beach
By rachel
09 May 2016

When coming to the Virginia Beach boardwalk, visiting the King Neptune statue is something you will never miss. This mighty statue can be seen from a mile away! Walking up to King Neptune for the...

Virginia Beach farmer's market
By lisa b
04 May 2016

For more than 30 years, the Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market has been providing fresh, local produce to Virginia Beach locals and visitors alike. The market, located on the corner of Dam Neck and...

Virginia Beach Driving
By Steve
27 Apr 2016

Visitors from all over the world routinely pick Virginia Beach as their annual sand and sun filled vacation destination. Here they get to unwind and recharge. The kids can play in the sand and...

Model Rachel Lauren Brown Photographer Chris Crumley
By Steve
18 Apr 2016

Mermaid Rachel is as incredibly beautiful and talented as the Virginia Beach oceanfront itself. She volunteers much of her time and effort into ...

By rachel
18 Mar 2016

Spring Break - A Vacation From Education

Virginia Beach is a very popular vacation destination for many beach goers year round -- and Spring is certainly no exception. For 2016, we welcome...