Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

The historic building of the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, the historic de Witt Cottage, was build in 1895 by the town's first Mayor.

Old Coast Guard Station Museum

The Old Coast Guard Station Museum is packed with history. You can read through old documents or have a tour of the upper and lower gallery of this free museum.

Lynnhaven House

This famously historical house in VA Beach is one not to miss if you love learning about the way people lived hundreds of years ago.

Ferry Plantation House

Ferry Plantation House is most famous for it's haunting factor. The legend is that the plantation owners confirm spooky encounters. The "Witch of Pungo" is said to make appearances from time to time.

Adam Thoroughgood House

The Adam Thoroughgood House is quite possibly the oldest colonial home in the area that is still standing. This home was built in the 1680's. Take a tour of this historical site to see how people in the 1600s built homes and lived.

The Casemate Museum

Fort Monroe is the largest stone-built fort used to protect the USA from attacks. The Casemate Museum is located on Fort Monroe and has many historical artifacts on display.

Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum allows you to see over a hundred species of animals in one place! Find raccoons, foxes, wolves, alligators, birds, turtles, fish, seahorses, and more.


Learn all about the Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA. This museum makes learning fun with their High Definition movies, Horseshoe Crab Cove (area to touch exotic sea life), and more exciting exhibits that are family-friendly!

Wallops Flight Facility

Under operation of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the Wallops Flight Facility is open to the public to see how aircrafts work. This is a great opportunity to get some learning while on vacation in a way that is family-friendly and super fun!

Edgar Cayce Society

Edgar Cayce Society (also known as the Association for Research and Enlightenment) offers a meditation room, lectures, and activities to help teach about dreams, meditation, health, and intuition.

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