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virginia beach restaurants

Guy Fieri is no stranger to Virginia Beach restaurants. Fieri’s hit show “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” had him travelling the country in search for only the best of the best in culinary talents. When Guy Fieri made his way to Virginia, he chewed through 16 restaurants… six of which were...

dogs at virginia beach

Virginia Beach is a very pet-friendly town, which is why with a little forethought and planning it makes a great destination of choice for vacationing with the K-9 members of your family. However, like any good dog town, it has rules of conduct meant to make your stay, as well as those you share...

tips for virginia beach vacationers

A Virginia Beach vacation takes some planning if you want the most perfect getaway. We have come up with the BEST 8 tips for Virginia Beach vacationers to make a stay happy, fun, and stress free!

Virginia Beach is your oceanfront destination

Virginia Beach is a beautiful coastal city that welcomes over six million tourists per year. This mid-Atlantic community provides an enjoyable atmosphere for all types of vacationers and locals. Whether you're looking for the hustle and bustle of our popular resort town or the quiet and tranquil private shores of Sandbridge, we have something for everyone who loves sand and surf.

VA Beach is packed full of the friendliest people, incredible things to do and attractions, mouth-watering restaurants, and plenty of events that will keep you and the family entertained for the entire vacation.

Many visitors find their way back to our sandy shores year after year, making a trip to our shores a favorite tradition.

So, what makes everyone love vacationing and living here so much?

Perhaps it’s the...

Boardwalk. Our boardwalk is a 3 mile long concrete path that guides you through 59 blocks of popular statues, stages for music and entertainment, shops, restaurants, hotels, and gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. There’s never a dull moment when strolling along this boardwalk. Don’t be surprised when you run into unexpected art shows, musical performances, or festivals on the Boardwalk - especially in the summer! If you like to roller-blade, skateboard, or bike ride, there is a separate section on the Boardwalk designed just for those on wheels!

Or maybe it’s the...

Oceanfront. This is one of the beach's main attractions. The VA Beach Oceanfront provides its guests with a clean atmosphere to enjoy while soaking up the sun on soft tan sand. You can feel safe while swimming in the water here, as our lifeguards are on duty and always attentive. You’ll find many families, couples, or people by themselves under umbrellas relaxing for hours until the sun goes down.

They never get tired of seeing all of our...

Popular Landmarks. We have an incredible array of landmarks that have people from all over the world coming to view them. Whether it’s the King Neptune Statue at 31st Street on the Boardwalk, or the Naval Aviation Monument also located on the boardwalk, there’s something to see that everyone can appreciate. There’s quite a lot to learn if you are a vacationing history buff. We recommend visiting the Old Coast Guard Station.

We know they really love the...

Restaurants. Everyone, tourists and locals both, cannot get enough of the delicious meals served at our world famous restaurants. Many of these restaurants specialize in seafood. It’s only natural because plenty of these places to eat are just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean! If you’re not into seafood, there’s much more to VA Beach dining. There are a ton of amazing Italian, Greek, Mexican, and American food options for you and your family to choose. You won’t forget to eat your dessert in this city because we are full of ice cream shops that are to die for.

They are spoiled by the highest quality...

Hotels. If you’re looking for just the right amount of comfort during your VB vacation, you’ve come to the right place. On our site, we only present our readers with the highest quality hotels at the beach. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck with outdated, stinky, and plain old gross hotel rooms. The hotels you’ll find on our hotel tab offer friendly service, clean rooms, and affordable prices. Many of the places to stay offer continental breakfasts for maximum convenience and most have indoor heated pools for maximum fun!

Last but certainly not least, the savings. In mid-April 2017, VBC will begin offering our annual VIP discount card. We are currently negotiating much higher discounts than the free coupons you can easily receive at every street corner. Our goal is to save your family hundreds of dollars on your vacation, making our town the most affordable and smart choice for your oceanfront vacation. More information to come as more businesses join us to help you choose our beloved beach.