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Virginia Beach Museums

Besides outdoor activities, Virginia Beach offers amazing indoor opportunities to learn and be amazed. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center features animals and opportunities to learn about sea life firsthand, including petting stingrays in an interactive tank. If animals are your thing, or your kids’ favorite, then you can also visit the Atlantic Waterfowl Heritage Museum and the acclaimed Virginia Living Museum on the Peninsula. For non-creature features, check out the Virginia Air and Space Museum, the Old Coast Guard Station Museum, Nauticus or the Tugboat Museum to recognize the area’s contributions to our nation’s industry. You can find many other museums to suit your taste, large and small, around the Virginia Beach area.

Sign outside the Old Coast Guard Museum in VA Beach

Situated on the Boardwalk is the Old Coast Guard Station Museum. With free admission, you can walk right in to view the history of lifesaving services and Coast Guard services. This Virginia Beach landmark is part of the National Register of Historical Places.

front sign of virginia living museum

The Virginia Living Museum is full of all things animals! If you are an animal loving family, make your way to this favorite museum for your chance to see turtles, birds, fish, jellyfish, alligators, otters, and more! Take your time and find all of the beautiful animals featured here for a great day trip.

The USS Wisconsin is one of the largest attractions that is part of Nauticus in Norfolk, VA. Take a tour of this famous ship and also talk to the Navy personnel to gain in-depth knowledge. Some of the staff even served on this ship when in battle!

virginia beach Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

Check out the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum while strolling the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Located at 11th Street, this free attraction invites you inside the historic de Witt Cottage to see displays and artifacts about wildfowl that migrates to, from, and across Virginia.

Virginia Beach attraction Naval Aviation Monument

If you're looking for a quick pit stop to check out some local history, check out the Naval Aviation Museum. This large monument is one of many located in the Naval Aviation Monument Park at 25th Street at the Oceanfront. This ode to Naval Aviation was dedicated in 2006 to honor the job of Naval Aviation.

Edgar Cayce was a famous psychic who was believed to be curiously accurate in all of his predictions. He began the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) and has a huge following. Now, his legacy has gone on to teach spiritual ways and how to connect with self. The Edgar Cayce Society is in Virginia Beach because Cayce believed it is the safest place on Earth in case of rising seas.

Sand Tiger Sharks, Loggerhead Turtles, Otters, are some of the most popular things to see at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Center. Be able to touch the backs of stingrays at just one of their many exhibits. This museum also offers an outdoor trail to view owls, birds, and other land creatures.

If you have a love for flying, space, and spacecraft, you'll want to spend a day in Downtown Hampton at the Virginia Air and Space Center. See endless exhibits of planes, rockets, and jets hanging above your head! There are interactive displays that interest people of all ages.

Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA is home to The Casemate Museum. Only 40 minutes away from the beach is where you'll find this historical place. You'll find this museum to have many artifacts from the 19th century like rare newspaper clippings, clothing and uniforms worn by soldiers, medical tools, weapons, and more.

Ripley's Believe It or Not is located in Williamsburg, VA. It's a truly one of a kind museum, which is why we have it listed! With an hour and a half drive away, we recommend taking a day trip to this weird and wild attraction. There are hundreds of bizarre photos, documents, and artifacts proving weird mishaps throughout the years.

Right around the eastern shore is The Wallops Flight Facility. Come learn how to build your own rocket-like experiment during their hands-on workshops. Their workshops rotate frequently, so there's always something new and fun going on for people of all ages to enjoy!

Chrysler Museum of Art is a fantastic way to spend time in the city of VA Beach. Enjoy the large selection of fine art from famous painters like Edgar Degas and Henri-Edmond Cross. Their art on display rotates often as the masterpieces are on loan for your viewing pleasure!

Located in the beach's sister city, Norfolk, VA, Nauticus attracts visitors who are looking to explore the Battleship Wisconsin and learn about it with their hands-on learning programs. It's a fun way to learn a bit about history! Taking a trip to Nauticus is great for a day trip away from the beach.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach

Virginia MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) is full of beautiful pieces of unique artwork. There's a good chance you've never seen what MOCA has to offer! Check out their ever-changing exhibitions and free family festivals.