You regularly need a haircut and so does your dog. Your finger and toenails need trimming every now and then and so do your dog's. You shower or bathe regularly; your dog should, too. If you can't -- or just don't want to - bathe your dog and shampoo his hair, trim his nails and perhaps give his coat a summer trim to help keep him cool, Virginia Beach's dog groomers sure can! Whether your dog is large or small, with long fur or short, take him to one of the area's grooming professionals. Both of you will revel in the results!

Both of these Virginia Beach dog groomers are going to win you over. You’ll love being able to take your fur baby to a groomer you can trust.

Fur Frenzy Pet Spa, located on Laskin Road, is one of the area’s favorites. Their motto is No Crates. Less Stress. More Fun.

As any dog owner would know, it’s important to make your furry loved one feel comfortable and safe when they are in the care of someone else. Fur Frenzy Pet Spa makes for a great environment when your pet is in their care. They offer doggie day care as well as grooming.

If you would like to groom your pet yourself at Fur Frenzy Spa, you can! Their self-service bath station allows you to bathe your dog yourself. When choosing this self-service option, you will receive a shampoo, conditioner, eye rinse, ear cleaner, cologne, towels, and a high velocity blow drier.

Sterling Meadows Kennel and Cattery also offers grooming services. They groom all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats! They give special attention and care to each and every one of their animals, making it a pleasant experience for both the pet and the owners.

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1952 Laskin Road - Suite 505
(757) 233-6495
3756 Indian River Rd. Virginia Beach, VA. 23456
(757) 471-0040