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Virginia Beach Weather

One of our readers asked us to prominently display the average temperate of Virginia Beach on a per month basis. We have compiled a list of the average air and water temperatures. With over 200 sunny days per year and the scenic ocean, Virginia Beach, VA is the perfect vacation destination and place to live.

Virginia Beach, VA Average Monthly Temperatures

Month Air(High) Air(Lows) Water
Jan 48F 34F 47F
Feb 50F 35F 48F
Mar 58F 41F 48F
Apr 67F 50F 48F
May 76F 59F 58F
Jun 82F 67F 67F
Jul 87F 72F 73F
Aug 85F 72F 76F
Sep 80F 67F 72F
Oct 70F 53F 67F
Nov 61F 46F 60F
Dec 52F 37F 53F